Continental Drifters - Day One

On the first day of our European adventure, I got to realize two of my long-held dreams pertaining to air travel -- flying business class, and having someone waiting for me at the terminal with my name on a sign. Turns out that having the hotel driver waiting for us at the terminal was just as exciting as I imagined, but business class, while infinitely better than coach, wasn't the utopia I'd envisioned. Granted, there were white table cloths on the tray tables, and the actual glass cups and metal silverware brought a smile to my face every time I got served a new meal, however, the seats still weren't exactly what I would call "comfortable." I didn't sleep much, but the flight felt much shorter than it does in the back of the plane.

After almost eleven hours of travel, we were glad to find ourselves in a lovely suite at the Intercontinental Budapest, with a view of the Danube River. The travel may have been exhausting, but it would prove to be well worth the ordeal.

Buda Castle on our first night in Budapest.

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  1. Next year, tell your dad it's first class, or I'm not going!