They Grow Up So Fast...

I might not have cute kids to blog about, or even a live-in pet to take care of, but there is a small population that depends on my care and attention for survival -- my houseplants. At present, they number at five: a rather sad croton plant that has been dying a slow death ever since it first came into my care nearly three years ago, a pathos plant that dates back to my sophomore year of college, an aloe plant, my youngest, and two amaryllis plants that I purchased in after-Christmas sales at the now defunct Smith & Hawken in two different years. I am particularly proud of my older amaryllis plant, because it has recently entered its third consecutive year of blooming.

Most people receive amaryllis plants as a holiday gift, allow the bulb to bloom once, and then dispose of it. That I have managed to keep mine alive, and blooming for three years is somewhat of a point of pride. Since mine came from a gardening store, it is a more unusual varietal -- instead of the characteristic crimson flowers, mine produces white blooms with delicate pink and red edges. It's really quite fetching. Sadly, it only blooms for about a month out of the year; the rest of the time it boasts little more than a rather unremarkable-looking spray of leaves (hence the reason why most people don't keep them around for long.) Still, it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I have been able to successfully nurture a plant for so long. Its sibling still shows no sign of emerging from its dormant season, but at least I can count one achievement on my gardening resume for 2010.

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  1. I'm glad one of us has some luck in gardening - if I had more children to take care of, (the plant kind) the poor dears would have been multch by now.

    I also like the pictures! <3