Jupiter In Aries...

I've never put much stock in astrology. I peruse my weekly horoscope in the paper with a sense of mild curiosity, but I never actually expect it to come true. Recently, my horoscope has been predicting that with the entrance of Jupiter into Aries (my astrological sign), I am due to experience a huge spate of good fortune. Even though I just finished a relatively pleasant week and weekend, I wasn't prepared to call anything that transpired particularly lucky. Today, however, my horoscope came true in a big way: at my weekly meeting with my boss, he informed me that the museum would be able to keep me on board until the end of 2010, a full six months longer than originally anticipated!

In these hard economic times, I cannot express what a relief it is to have another six months of guaranteed employment. Six more months of income and health insurance! If that isn't good luck, I don't know what is. Maybe I need to start taking those horoscopes more seriously...

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