Wake Me Up When September Ends...

I was relieved to see the calendar flip over to October today. Although the balance of the past month was productive and positive, September petered out on a bit of a sour note for me. After Monday's boat trip, I found myself worshiping at the porcelain throne, despite having consumed no alcohol at the event (as most of my colleagues did.) Somehow I had acquired either food poisoning or a bout of gastroenteritis, and I was laid up at the condo with it for two days. There are few things quite as miserable of being sick and alone with no one to take care of you. No one brings you Sprite, saltine crackers, or an extra blanket. Living on your own and getting sick makes all those times you were sick as a child seem like a picnic by comparison, and few things can make a grown adult want their mommy more.

Thankfully, I was feeling well enough to go back to work by Thursday, and to go out with Natasha and Mireya for dinner tonight, which was a perfect way to start the month on the right foot. Even though we no longer work together, the three of us have been trying to get together on a semi-regular basis, and keep up with each others' lives. Dinner once a month might not be the same as lunch twice a week, but I am very glad that we have been making the effort to stay friends. Here's hoping the rest of the month is just as full of friends and good cheer...

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  1. Metamucil could have helped. It's the wonder stuff.