Here Comes The Sun...

There used to be a time in my life when the only way I saw the sunrise was if I'd happened to stay up so late that the sun rose before my head hit the pillow. I am not a morning person; in fact, working a job with regular 9-5 hours is basically a constant affront to my natural circadian rhythm. Now that I do regularly glimpse the start of the sun's daily journey across the sky, I frankly can't see what the big deal is. Usually, there's nothing more than few weak rays of yellow and orange light, and I've failed to understand why it's considered so romantic to stay up and watch the sunrise. Give me a vibrant, technicolor sunset any day!

But this morning, I happened to peek out the window at just the right moment, and was rewarded with an ethereal explosion of color over the lake. It's not enough to turn me into a morning person, but it was beautiful enough for me to grab my camera and capture the experience to share:

Good morning Chicago...

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