Intelligent Design...

Ever since my visit to the Art Institute with Joy last year, in which Joy shared her infectious enthusiasm for industrial design, I must confess that I have been paying more attention to how the things I encounter in my daily life are designed, and whether their functionality is enhanced or diminished by the aesthetic concerns that went into their making. Which is why, when I spotted an abandoned coffee cup in the sink at work this week, I couldn't help but scratch my head:

I mean, I know this is a novelty promotional mug, but honestly, who looked at a coffee cup and thought, "This container for hot liquids that sits near my computer is too stable. What this needs is wheels to help it move around more easily"? This cup seems like a disaster waiting to happen, and I don't blame its owner for putting it out to pasture in the office kitchen. I'd want it as far from my desk, and my lap, as possible...

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