Tales From The City - Part Four...

Near my apartment is a small sculpture park, mainly notable for the proliferation of signs there that ask that people not walk their dogs there to protect the plantings, and for the large number of dogs that can be seen relieving themselves there anyway. In the summer, however, it becomes a favorite outing venue for some manner of day camp, and I often see its children waiting there at the end of the day for their parents to pick them up.

I think the focus of the camp has something to do with creative pursuits, as the children are more often than not occupied in some sort of craft project. Today, when I walked by, I noticed that they had adorned most of my block in sidewalk chalk. Some of the drawings obviously came from the kids, but some appeared to have been created by the counselors, including this one, which was my favorite of all the impromptu art:

I couldn't agree more...

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