So Long, Farewell...

After taking the day off and devoting it to packing up the last of my clothes and essential kitchen items, we loaded up the car and brought the last of my belongings back to my parents' house. The movers are arriving at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow to move us into our new home. The moment that we've been preparing for since mid-October is finally here!
The empty closet that used to be bursting at the seams with my clothes.
As I closed the door of my parents' condo for the last time, I started to wax nostalgic about my time there. It has been my home for the past four years, a period in my life that has been filled with tremendous growth. I've been through two jobs, developed my interest in cooking as a hobby, established and maintained this blog, entered the dating pool, met the love of my life, and now I'm leaving the place that has witnessed all those life changes in order to live with him and grow our relationship together. When I came here at the end of 2007, I couldn't have foreseen any of those changes, and many of them, especially the thought of finding a man like Justin, seemed like distant and unattainable dreams. 

I am excited to see where the next few years take me. I am eager to take on the work of building a new life with the man I love, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see him every day and share even the quiet and mundane moments of life together. Moving has not been fun, and it's been stretching out far longer than I would have anticipated. Unpacking all of our boxes and meshing together all of our belongings won't be fun either. But I can't wait until we're on the other side of this process, comfortably ensconced in a new home that is truly ours.

More than anything else, I am full of hope. This process hasn't been easy, and it won't always be easy going forward, but more than perhaps at any other time in my life, I have faith that our future is bright. Now that future is about to start, with our move tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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