Baby On Board...

In my years at the History Museum, I've been blessed to make some really great friends. Even as people have moved on from the museum, I've kept in touch with many of them, and my current crew helps make every day go by faster and more pleasantly. We've been down a member lately as McNulty takes her maternity leave, but she came in today for a visit, accompanied by her beautiful new daughter, Kiera. 

My friends and I had been eagerly anticipating her arrival ever since we first heard that she might come in to the office. We were keeping an eye out for her all day, and were just heading out to lunch when she arrived. We spotted her at the end of the hall, and the whole group of us practically stampeded across the entire north-south distance of the building to get our first look at the baby. We're lucky we didn't terrify them both!

Both mommy and baby looked fantastic -- no small achievement for a new mother, and it was good to see both of them looking so happy. It was a bittersweet moment for me, as my time at CHM is drawing to a close soon with the end of my current project next month, and my last day will come before McNulty returns from her leave. I'm glad I got to be around to witness this time in her and her daughter's life, and that I could help welcome little Kiera into the world by co-hosting McNulty's baby shower. Congratulations on the new arrival; I'm so happy I got to meet her in person!

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