Across The Pond - Day Two

We woke up bright and early today to make the drive out to make the drive to Lansing, where Lizzie's graduation was actually taking place. As it turned out, Lizzie attended the Ann Arbor branch of Thomas Cooley Law School, an institution with numerous satellite campuses, and the graduation was to be held at the basketball stadium of Michigan State University. I really ended up with more of a tour of the Big Ten than I had anticipated on this trip, but but thankfully, I don't share my father's prejudices and I could be open-minded about the experience.

Justin and I, in the stands.
We had fairly decent seats for the ceremony, which was just as boring as all graduation ceremonies tend to be (mine included; it was so mind-numbing that I barely remember it and can only recollect the speaker because he died shortly thereafter -- it was Tim Russert), but I was happy to be there to witness Lizzie's special moment. Given that her father was out of the country and unable to attend, I was glad to be able to add to her cheering section.

After getting her diploma.
There was also a nice reception after the ceremony, with food and treats, that we enjoyed before we undertook the final leg of our trip to make it back to Illinois at a decent hour, in order to be ready for work tomorrow. 

Justin's mom, Lizzie, and Justin.
Though we didn't see much of it during our brief weekend sojourn, I can finally say that I've ventured across the lake and visited Michigan for myself. It wasn't nearly as bad as my father made it out to be, in fact, I'd be more than willing to go back again some day, possibly for one of Justin's reunions. It felt good to be a part of Justin's family for the weekend as well, and now that I'm in his life for the long haul, it was good practice for the years to come...

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