To Sir, With Love...

Early October is a busy time for me and Justin, full of causes to celebrate. Within the span of six days, we mark not only Justin's birthday, but our anniversary. That's right -- as of today, Justin and I have been together for two years. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about the notion of time. For me, a woman who seriously doubted whether she would ever find love at all, two years feels like a long time. It feels like we have accomplished a lot in these two years: falling in love, having adventures, buying a home, learning how to live together, and fitting each other into the very fabric of our lives. And yet, what is two years compared to a lifetime spent together? When I compare these two years to the future that lies before us, they seem like barely any time at all.

Then again, recent events have reminded me that life does not always unfold as planned. We must savor every moment that we have together, and take nothing for granted. Justin and I have been so fortunate to have found one another, and to experience this kind of love. We have built a strong, vibrant life together, surrounded by friends and family. Even if two years seems insignificant compared to the forty or fifty I hope we'll have together, they are every bit worth celebrating.

I am so grateful for the past two years, and for Justin, who has filled my days with humor, support, and unwavering love. He is better to me than I probably deserve, and it is my goal for the next year to spend my time trying to give as much to him as he has given to me.

Happy anniversary, my love!

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