Happy Days Are Here Again...

I have wonderful news today: I have accepted a job offer from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, a specialty medical association that caters to board-certified hand surgeons. I am going to be their new Publications and Communications Coordinator, meaning that I will be managing various book and e-book projects, as well as assembling their weekly member newsletter. I honestly couldn't be more excited.

My primary objectives for my job search were to stay in the non-profit world, to be able to employ my writing skills, and to leverage my experience in project management, and this job satisfies all three of those requirements. The staff members I have met with so far seem wonderful, and they have beautiful, technologically sophisticated offices. I can't wait to start!

In total, I was unemployed for 44 days, or about six weeks. Considering the national average duration of unemployment is close to forty weeks, not days, I have been incredibly fortunate. I'm looking forward to getting off of COBRA and Illinois unemployment insurance benefits, and going back to paying my bills without dipping into my savings. Things could have been so much worse, and I am so lucky that things unfolded the way they did for me.

I want to give special thanks to everyone who helped support me during this time: to Diane, the HR director from the History Museum, who revamped my resume, gave me pointers on writing attention-grabbing cover letters, and introduced me to several HR directors at other non-profits for networking opportunities; to my Mom, who took me out for lunches, talked to me on the phone during the day, and helped keep me sane; to my Dad, who reached out to his network on my behalf, and who gave me many of his patented pep talks; to my friends, for their support and encouragement; and to Justin, who didn't push, didn't nag, gave me the space to handle my job search on my own terms, and who loved me so very well. Thank you everyone; I am truly blessed to have people like you in my life. 

I feel like such a burden has been lifted. Now, we can leave for Ireland without having the anxiety of unemployment looming over me. I don't have to fret about every penny that gets spent. I can truly relax, and focus on celebrating Abel and Sinead, the way things should be. 

Most of all, I am eager to tackle the new challenges that this position will bring, and to forge a new set of working relationships with my coworkers. Wish me luck!

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