Cold As Ice...

All things considered, we've been having a remarkably mild winter so far this year, giving ever greater evidence of the impact of climate change. Chicago has actually broken a record for least amount of snowfall already this season, and though I just bought two new winter costs, one of which was a heavy-duty parka, I haven't really needed it until this week. In fact, Justin has been getting by on just a jacket, choosing to leave his winter coat in storage until today, when winter finally decided to make its presence known in the Windy City.

I've always said that it's not truly cold until my breath makes my scarf freeze to my face; this morning, not only was my scarf covered in a film of ice crystals, but my eyelashes were getting stuck together with frost, making it hard to see as we walked to the train station. For his part, Justin had ice on both his lashes and his eyebrows, and his glasses had completely fogged up, rendering them virtually useless. Luckily, I can see relatively well without mine, so I can store mine in my purse until I get to work, which is only slightly more convenient.

It's official folks: it may have arrived late, but even without the snow, winter has arrived!

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