I'm Haley, And I'm A Mac...

Step aside ice cream machine. Our affair was brief, and passionate, and we can continue seeing each other, but there's a new machine in my life now: my brand-new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It's smaller and thinner than my old MacBook Pro, so I can take it out in public more easily. It doesn't heat up like my old computer, so I can be more comfortable when we spend long periods of time together. It's more efficient, it has a better memory, and it's lightning fast. Of course, like any new relationship, there are a few rough spots -- I have to get accustomed to the new mouse configuration, the flatter keys will take some getting used to, and the shiny screen is giving me more glare than the matte finish on my old computer, but I have no doubt that I'll come to appreciate all of its seeming "flaws" in time.

I suppose I should feel some sort of extra pride regarding my new Mac; it is, after all, the most expensive purchase I have ever made with money that I earned myself. I don't know though, I'm pretty sure I would have been just as happy to receive it as a gift from my parents, like my 2006 Mac. That was back in college though, and those days are sadly over. (Mom and Dad, when you read this, try not to celebrate too loudly; the neighbors might call the cops on you.)

Still, it may have temporarily bankrupted me, but I predict a lifetime of happiness for me and my new acquisition. Well, probably not a lifetime, but I'm sure there will be a few very happy years on the horizon.


  1. Congratulations? I guess? Technology just doesn't do it for me. I would have held out to receive it as a Christmas know they would have caved!

  2. Mrs. Manaar is somewhat unclear on the operations of the Licata household: Dad would have caved, but Mom is tough as nails!!!


  3. Lol, Mom made it clear that the 2006 computer was going to be the last one on the parental dime.

  4. It seems a double standard to me. Women can say no, but men must always say YES!It appears to me, you have it made Haley. If mom says no, just ask dad. He has been well trained to say YES!

  5. congratulations on your first major purchase. It does make one feel good that first time when you spend your own money and get exactly what you wanted! Anyway, this is very good, that means you will keep blogging, as I enjoy reading it and you keep us more up to date, unlike Trista Manar who is way behind! LOL.

  6. Aw, yes, how could I forget your mom is the tough one? Which brings us right back to the mac and cheese post! I think your parents have been equally good to you, and for the record...I bet she would have caved! :)