For the second week in a row, all is not well in the state of Haley. Last Sunday, I fell ill, with a slight fever, aches, and exhaustion, and I missed a day and a half of work. Today, I had a series of symptoms that I misdiagnosed in myself. I was achy, which I attributed to sitting too long working on my new computer; I had a headache, which I similarly attributed to looking at the screen too long; I had no appetite, in spite of eating only a piece of toast the entire day; I was strangely cold, despite wearing warm clothes. When I went to check the thermostat, assuming that the temperature must have fallen, I realized that it was me and not my environment. I took my temperature -- 100.1!

I went to bed, and huddled under the covers, managing to sneak in a nap before mustering the energy to check my temperature again. This time it was up to 100.5! So I took some Tylenol, and retired to the sofa. Eventually, I garnered the strength to sit upright, and work on this post.

I can only hope that this bug is short-lived. It won't look very good to miss work on consecutive Mondays. What are the odds of getting sick twice in such short succession anyway?

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