Let It Snow...

Quite unexpectedly (probably because I spent the weekend holed up in the kitchen away from television newscasts), I awoke today to find the city enrobed in a blanket of snow -- the first lasting snowfall of the season. It may be a hassle to trudge through on the way to work, and icky when it turns grey with dirt and exhaust grime, but freshly fallen, virgin snow is undeniably beautiful. Since I would be spending the entire day in a windowless niche in the hallway, unable to appreciate the splendors of nature, I took a few photos on the way to work to commemorate the first snow of 2009:

A hazy view from my balcony, looking towards the lake.

On the way to the office, I was so taken with the snow that I walked the long way, through Lincoln Park to get to the museum. Somebody had decorated this tree for the holidays, with homemade garland, paper snowflakes, and tiny ornaments. Pretty charming, no?

Abe was looking a little chilly today.

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