Frosty The Snowman...

There is truly no rest for the weary. After the seven types of cookies I prepared for the Cookie Bonanza, I really didn't even want to think about cookies again until well into 2010, but today, after babysitting Mya, Grandma asked me to decorate some frosting-intensive cookies for the family children. Since there would be no wreath cookies to decorate this year, I agreed. As always, we established an assembly line in which Mom frosted and I embellished with candy. Evidently, the twelve hours I dedicated to cookies with royal icing this year does not cancel out the effects of tradition -- I will always be on red-hot placement duty at Grandma Betsy's.

Thankfully, these cookies were much faster to make than the ones I undertook. Grandma made them from a Pillsbury slice-and-bake loaf, and the decorating took less than thirty minutes. If you want to copy them for next year, all you need is chocolate chips for the eyes, candy corn for the nose, and red-hots for the mouth.

Theoretically, they were intended for child consumption, but they were pretty popular with a certain grown-up frosting enthusiast.

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