Strange Creature...

Not unlike my experience in bringing you my post on green tea ice cream, this post has a similarly tortured history. I've been aware for quite some time that while I've written extensively on my mother and father, someone in our immediate family was being left out. Caesar, our dog, is the member of my family with whom I have perhaps the most tenuous relationship. Although he is technically my dog (my name is on his papers), he has always been a true mama's boy. Our relationship has long been characterized by sibling rivalry, and he can be extremely fickle in his affections for me. Usually, he'll want to snuggle with me for about the first ten minutes I'm home, and after that, he's more interested in taking my arm off. Lately, he's grown fond of luring me in for a belly rub, and then lashing out to bite me instead. I suppose you could say that my love for my pet is of the unrequited variety.

Still, I wanted to include him in my blogging efforts anyway, and I decided the best way would be to take a video of him, engaged in one of his idiosyncratic rituals. Every day, like clockwork, Caesar feels a need to rub himself all over the sofa after dinner. We have never been able to discern the motivation behind this behavior, but it is rather comical nevertheless. Every time, we find ourselves holding our breaths to see if this will be the time he finally falls off the couch while engrossed in his strange rubbing habit, but somehow, he always manages to remain on the sofa.

However, regardless of the fact that he always engages in this behavior, he suddenly became camera shy every time I tried to capture him on video. The last few times I've seen him, I've been poised with camera in hand to shoot my own little nature documentary, and every time, Caesar remained seated on the floor, chewing on a toy. He was determined to thwart me. Last night, however, after Mom brought him to the condo, the itching caused by wearing his collar for all of five minutes on the elevator was too much for him, and he finally delivered, and I was able to grab my camera in time to catch it. Finally, nearly a month after this post was originally conceived, I bring you Caesar:

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