Isn't It Lovely...

One of the questions I have recently discovered is common when you are dating is, "What are your favorite flowers?" And until recently, I didn't really have much of an answer to that question. Sure, I like flowers; I think they're pretty, but they seem like somewhat of a waste of money because they die so quickly. Plus, in my experience, most men usually only send them as a sort of mea culpa when they have done something wrong, or when they feel a sense of obligation, such as an anniversary or birthday, instead of sending them just to brighten your day. I am far more interested in more thoughtful, personalized demonstrations of affection than in receiving flowers as some sort of hollow gesture.

But, because so many people kept asking me what kind of flowers I liked, I did some research and came up with an answer. I've always liked orchids the best, but I've heard that they are fussy and hard to grow, so I had little interest in receiving one as a potential gift. Instead, I settled upon deep purple calla lilies -- still rare and exotic like the orchid, but without all the work attached. A couple weeks ago, as a birthday surprise, Mom brought me home a potted medium-purple calla lily plant from Home Depot, and since it's a potted plant instead of cut flowers, I've been enjoying its blooms for several weeks now. Even though it's not quite my favorite shade, it's still quite fetching, so I thought I would snap a photo and share its beauty with you.

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