Girl Power...

This weekend, I was graced with a visit from my mom's sisters, Brenda and Lisa, who were in town with their grand-daughters Avery and Abbie, and Abbie's mom, my cousin Trista, for a girls' weekend and a trip to the American Girl store. They arrived late Thursday evening, and hit the town on Friday with Mom, although sadly, I couldn't take the day off to join them. Instead, I sent my camera with Mom to capture some images from the day.
I asked Mom to get a photo of Avery and Abbie together in their matching dresses, but Caesar kept photobombing them. She did eventually get a picture of just the girls, but I thought this one was much funnier.

Aunt Lisa with Abbie at the American Girl store.

Mom said that the girls and their dolls looked down the atrium at Water Tower Place for ages while their grandmas did their shopping. They are far, far braver than me -- I can't even walk near the railing.

Mom with her sisters Brenda and Lisa at Millennium Park after dinner at the Park Grill. I don't really see the family resemblance. I think Lisa and Brenda look more like each other than Mom. I think Mom looks more like her late brother, Doug.

After dinner we tried to get the girls to play in the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, but they were highly skeptical. I had to doff my sandals and show them how it was done to get them interested, but eventually they got the idea and splashed around.

Even though they were only here for a short while, it was nice to see my family. Avery and Abbie were completely adorable playing together; they reminded me of myself and my cousin Aimee at that age. Our toys of choice were Barbies, not American Girl dolls, but I can still remember the sleepovers we had together growing up, and how special it was to have a such a close relationship with one of my cousins. They are lucky to have each other, and I sincerely hope their friendship will stay with them as they grow up.

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