I Saw The Sign...

Some time ago, I brought you a post on another one of my quirkier fascinations -- ghost signs. Lest you think I've been slacking on the job, I've remained diligently on the lookout for them, and spotted several over the weekend while I was out collecting photos of Louis Sullivan's architecture in the Loop. Once again, I never cease to be amazed that I can pass by certain ones all the time, but not notice them until a special day comes along and I become suddenly and joyously aware of their existence. It's almost as if the universe knows I need a pick-me-up and reveals the presence of a ghost sign to inject a little happiness into my day.

This ad for Boston Stone is located in the heart of the Loop, visible from State and Washington. I've seen it many times but never taken a moment to photograph it.

I spotted this one on Wabash, the nerve center for ghost signs in the Loop. I assume there are so many ads painted on the buildings because the El runs past them, and they haven't been painted over as in the rest of the city because Wabash has a general atmosphere of dodginess that isn't evident elsewhere.

Similarly, I passed this sign further south on Wabash. Definitely a red-letter day for ghost sign hunting in the Loop!

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