Movin' On Up...

After two and a half years of working at the museum, I finally got the piece of news that I had been hoping for since the day I started -- I am getting my own office! From my first workspace tucked into a storage room in the bowels of the museum that wasn't heated in winter, I was moved to an open niche in the hallway on the administrative floor, subjected to conversations of every passing coworker. This exposed area has been particularly unfortunate, given the expensive recording equipment I must keep on hand for my oral history interviews that I can't properly secure since my "office" only has three walls, much less a locking door.

Now I'll have a door that locks, and more importantly, a door to close to screen out the noise created by my coworkers that interferes with my ability to do sound editing work, which requires quiet in order to properly hear the material on the recordings. At last, after all my patience and repeated entreaties to the HR department, I will have my own space.

On another work-related note, the photography department finally sent out copies of the photos they took of the Peer Recognition Awards. I particularly liked this photo, where the instruction was for us to look "pumped," but instead, it looks like Jessica's trying to punch me in the face:

From left to right: Me, Ben, Jessica, Janis, Rachel, and Rey.

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