Double. Snow. Day.

That's right, due to the third largest blizzard in Chicago history, which dumped between 20 and 21 inches of snow upon my fair city, I was granted not one, but two days off of work while the city attempts to dig itself out from under the mess. For my part, I haven't ventured outdoors in two and a half days (hence the lack of photos of the snow carnage). I've been cozily consuming chocolate baked goods and giving my apartment an overdue, and very thorough cleaning, right down to the freshly-scrubbed grout on my bathroom floor.

The storm itself was definitely one to remember. We actually had thundersnow. Who knew such a thing even existed? I'd certainly never heard of it until I saw it on The Colbert Report a week or so ago when the rare meteorological phenomenon struck New York City. It definitely was strange, watching the lighting outside, and listening to the thunder and howling winds, while the sky was whited-out with snow instead of rain. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little scary.

Thankfully, our patio furniture didn't blow away, and even more importantly, I got to exercise the greatest benefit of high-rise living -- no shoveling! Instead, I got to look at the vast expanses of white from the safety and warmth of my apartment, while watching the endless press conferences staged by the city, and following the coverage of the motorists who were stranded on Lake Shore Drive overnight behind a jack-knifed bus.

Although I'm certainly glad I wasn't trying to get anywhere via automobile the past couple days, I must say that I'm anticipating tomorrow's commute to work with no small amount of trepidation. Would a triple snow day have really been too much to ask?

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