He Speaks...

As Justin and I were walking to the El station after watching Laika: Dog in Space at the Neo-futurarium, we were discussing what we had just seen, and our conflicting opinions thereof. Knowing that I would be blogging about the production here, he asked if he could do a guest post to share his thoughts about Laika, and I thought it seemed only fair to give him a voice of his own.

After reading his review, I think I've just fallen a little bit more in love with him. I always known that he's very intelligent, but I hadn't had the pleasure of reading his writing, outside of emails and IMs. He's good at it! In fact, I think his review is more eloquent than mine by a long-shot, but I also think he connected with the material more than I did. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Check out what he had to say about Laika:

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