Let Me Upgrade You...

Life is full of less-than-pleasant tasks. Today, I spent nearly $100 rebuilding my pantry after a winter of bean and pasta dishes left me seeing the back of my cabinets for the first time in ages. I also disinfected my freezer's ice tray with bleach because for whatever reason, it is determined to grow mold, even though sub-zero temperatures are supposed to be a deterrent for such things. Such are the necessary evils of adult life that nobody warns you about when you're young and dreaming of all the things you'll do when you grow up.

Yesterday, before I left for my day trip with Justin, I hauled myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 6:00 on a Saturday morning to make it to one of the few DMV branches in northern Illinois that is open on the weekend to renew my driver's license near its opening time of 7:30. Although a trip to the DMV is never anyone's idea of a good time, I was actually really looking forward to getting a new license, specifically, a new photo. My old picture was a truly heinous affair, the result of the technician telling me to look in the wrong direction when she snapped the photo. I ended up looking some combination of exhausted, stoned, and like I was trying to give a Myspace version of sexy. Not good at all.

As you can see, my new photo is a vast improvement, and it actually looks like me. With the old picture I sometimes got funny looks whenever I got carded, as if the grocery clerk/bartender wasn't entirely convinced that my card wasn't a fake. Now I don't have to worry about people catching a glimpse of my hideous photo whenever I open my wallet. Going to the DMV might be one of the most odious chores around, but this time the necessary evil turned out for the best.

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