Here Comes My Hero...

Everyone always tells you to back up your data, but it never seems pressing until you've already lost it, and you feel like an idiot for ignoring all those people who warned you to back up. In all honesty, however, it never occurred to me that Blogger would have a failure that caused them to delete my posts. They promised they would restore all the posts they had removed, but apparently my blog was among a "small number" of blogs whose deleted posts were reverted to earlier drafts instead of being restored as they were published. As a result, I lost the entirety of my Mother's Day post, the majority of my Cubs game post from yesterday, and only a few lines from my post about my inconsequential office photo. It figures that the least important post would survive mostly intact.

Thinking that I would have to reconstruct those three posts, I was, ahem, greatly displeased with Blogger, and was dragging my feet something fierce. Just when I was buckling down to write, however, I got a message from Darrell asking me why he couldn't comment on my post about the Cubs vs. Cards game, which he had just finished reading on his blog feed. Apparently, even though I couldn't locate a cached copy of my blog anywhere on the internet, the missing posts were still in Darrell's feed, and he was kind enough to copy and paste them into an email so I wouldn't have to start again from scratch. He really saved the day in this entire blogging crisis, and from now on, I'm going to start following my own blog so I'll have back-ups in the future. Thanks Darrell!

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