Strike A Pose...

Last week, my boss' assistant came running into my office, frazzled, begging me to go sit for a photo op. Apparently, since it was a Friday, there was nobody in the office to sit for a picture the IT department was taking to send as a "thank you" to some donors who gave us a bunch of new computer equipment. I dutifully left my desk to go, and when I got a copy of the photo today, I decided I ought to share it with you. After all, I spend 33% of my waking hours at my job, and yet the vast majority of the post I write here are the things I do in the evenings and on weekends.

So here we are, me and an embarrassingly small collection of my cohorts (we really look like needed that much equipment, given how few employees we seemingly have, don't we?). Still, some of my favorite people are here: Anna (back row, center), with whom I once served on the Peer Recognition Committee and who sends me fun email links, Michael (second from the right), who was my closest neighbor and sharer of gossip when I was in my old office, and Luciana (back row, far right) my boss' ever-helpful assistant who loves my cookies and baked goods.

Even if it's kind of a lame photo, taken for a stupid reason, I'm still glad I have it. When I inevitably have to move on, it'll be nice to look back and remember my time at the museum, and my coworkers here. Even if my work life doesn't receive as much attention as the more entertaining parts of my life, it's still a significant part of my daily life, and worthy of some attention here.

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