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It's Sunday again, and that means another day of work over at our new place. Justin and Mom focused on patching and painting again (I'm too afraid of heights to be coaxed onto a ladder to reach our eleven foot ceilings, so I've been leaving this task to them), and made some good progress in the combination living/dining room. They've started with the main color for the room, which will be a greyish shade of beige. For most of my life, I've decried beige as a paint color, but given that I'm going to be sharing my space with a straight male, I figured it was better to trend toward neutral colors and pick statement colors for our accents, like the aubergine in the dining room and around our fireplace. I don't want things to get too girly in there.

For my part, I did further battle with the god-forsaken moldy jacuzzi, putting it through two more cycles with the bleach and Cascade, and a rinse cycle, only to have it spew forth more muck and dirty. It's disgusting, and there's no further wisdom on the Internet about what to do about the situation besides the universally recommended bleach/Cascade solution. I'm trying to figure out how much longer I should keep trying this before I consider investing in a commercial jacuzzi cleaning product to see if that would be any more effective. I guess I'll see how things go next week.
I also took on the interior of our kitchen cabinets (I figured there was little point in trying to get the grease and dirt off the outsides until Justin and Mom are done sanding in there). I scrubbed them all out with some mild detergent, with an assist from Justin who used his greater height and longer arms to reach some of the cabinets that were too deep for me to access, even with a step-stool. I was drawn to this condo largely due to the fantastic kitchen, which has tons of cabinets and storage space, but I was certainly mentally cursing that decision when it came time to clean them all! Some of the cabinets were so deep, if they hadn't had shelves, I'm pretty confident I could have crawled completely inside them!

Today was mostly notable because Dad brought over some carryout from Leona's, a nearby Italian restaurant where my family used to eat regularly back when we lived in Evanston over 20 years ago. Justin and I had brought over a folding table for the occasion, and we gathered around it to have our first meal in our new house. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

How skinny does my Mom look? So proud of her and her weight loss!

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