Oh, Happy Day...

I've read that happiness (and its counterpart, misery) are contagious. When the people in your circle are happy, you feel happier too, and vice versa. Tonight, I'm ready to believe that assertion, because I'm positively floating on cloud nine after receiving two fantastic pieces of news this week. First, one of my coworker friends found out that she's pregnant after struggling with infertility treatments. Then tonight, I received a hilarious, and oddly apologetic voicemail from my friend, Sarah, begging forgiveness because she had to cancel our dinner outing tomorrow night. Her reason? She'd literally just gotten engaged!

Sarah and Zack are the couple that Justin and I hang out with most often, so we're both thrilled for them. I am SO excited for the two of them, and wish them nothing but the best of luck in this new step they've taken. Congratulations guys!

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