The Big, Comfy Couch...

Though I was not there to work on it this week, big changes were afoot at our new place. Mom got our curtains hung over the patio doors, bringing us some much-needed privacy, as the twelve foot bank of windows face the street, even though we're on the third floor. Buying the curtains was a epic undertaking: I spotted them at Pier 1 Imports on the day after Thanksgiving, where they were on a three day sale. We didn't know what length we'd need, and we were in St. Louis, so we guessed and grabbed the longer ones, hoping for the best. The store didn't have enough to cover all our windows, so when I got back to Chicago, I had to have Dad drive me to two different stores to pick up the remainder while they were still on sale.

The only photo I took that even has a hint of the curtains in it. Oops. Also, the vase on top of the entertainment center is awaiting its mate from Crate and Barrel. The original they sent me was scratched, and the replacements are now back-ordered.
Lo and behold, when we took them to the condo, we discovered that we needed the shorter length after all. So Mom had to pick up the shorter ones from the Pier 1 in Springfield, which happened to have all six panels that we needed, and Justin had to take me to yet another store to return the surplus. What an ordeal! Even if they're wrinkly (no iron at the condo yet), and in need of some basting to connect them, I think they look good, and I'm glad to have them up.

More noticeably, we finally got our couch! The sofa was a custom order from Crate and Barrel, and it was our housewarming gift from my parents (and my Christmas gift as well, since I went over budget when selecting it.) I love the ultra-soft wide-wale microfiber corduroy material, and I think the accent pillows (which were my color palette inspiration for the entire room) really draw the look together. I can't wait to spend evenings on the couch with Justin, watching movies on our new television. It's an image I conjure up again and again as I try to console myself that there's a light at the end of the tunnel regarding this move. Thanks Mom and Dad!

You'll have to excuse the mess in the kitchen area. We are moving after all!
Those ottomans are a story all of their own: I spotted them at Crate and Barrel months ago, but they were out of my budget. I waited for them to go on sale, but they were still too pricey. Justin so happened to receive a $100 gift card to the store at his company Christmas party (ah, the private sector...), so I finally ordered them using his gift card to bring the price into the realm of affordability. Evidently, however, Mom had already purchased them for me as a Christmas present, so she and Justin had to engage in an elaborate subterfuge, as I had sent him to the store to pick them up in an effort to save on shipping. He ended up having to return them on my behalf and getting a refund for both of us, and when I arrived at the condo, Mom had put bows on her ottomans for me.

The living room is almost finished now, and is largely functional. We're still missing a couple window valances on the other wall, a recliner that's coming to us on loan from Mom's basement, a console table still in my bedroom at my parents' house, and some art on the walls. But the room is livable, and that's more than we can say about anywhere else yet. Things are finally starting to come together, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

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