Isn't She Lucky...

Aside from all the usual blessings I have in my life -- an amazing boyfriend, a supportive family, a progressively more beautiful home, and a job -- fate decided to smile upon me today. Serious Eats, whose long-standing status as my favorite food blog was enhanced by my contest win back in September that netted me a copy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home, sent me an email today notifying me that I had won another free book from one of their giveaways. This time I'd be getting one slightly more useful to me: One Sweet Cookie: Celebrated Chefs Share Favorite Recipes.

Unsurprisingly, given the New York focus of Serious Eats (though they did recently launch a Chicago section and I've been reading it voraciously), One Sweet Cookie is drawn from a collection of high-profile New York chefs, but that is no matter; a cookie is a cookie. Not unlike the ice cream book that arrived well after summer had ended, my new cookie book won't arrive until well after I've completed my annual spate of baking for the Cookie Bonanza, but at least I'll have all of next year to work through it before next Christmas.

Thanks for building up my dessert recipe library Serious Eats! You were already my favorite blog before, but you've now earned my loyalty forever!

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