Celebrate Good Times...

I have some fantastically wonderful good news to share with you today: Justin has accepted a full-time job in the law library at a large, international law firm with an office downtown. He first applied for a job there several months ago, but at his interview, the person he spoke with suggested that he might be better suited for another position that would be opening up there. While we were in New Orleans last month, strolling through the Garden District, he got a call from them asking him to submit his resume for this second position, and he interviewed with them again shortly after we got back. After wringing our hands for the past few weeks, Justin received the offer yesterday and accepted today!

Justin is excited about this new opportunity, and I am so, so proud of him. He'll have a better commute, better hours (including no more weekends!), paid vacation time, and health insurance. It's amazing how well things have come together for us this year, even if all this change has been a challenge at times. We are truly blessed, and very thankful for all the good fortune that has come our way so far in 2012. Here's hoping this trend continues! Congratulations, babe!

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