Wrapped Up In Books...

It's been a while since I gave an update on our house, but we've been a little stalled while we were waiting for our new bookshelves. We needed them in order to effectively unpack and organize the boxes that were filling up our second bedroom, but since they were going to be my birthday present from my parents, I had to wait for them. They were finally delivered late last week from Dania, and Justin spent the weekend assembling the shelves for the mancave and kitchen, and shelving our vast DVD/Blu-ray collection. With our cookbooks and DVDs properly stored, Justin can now move on to unpacking the rest of the den and making the room livable.

However, we opted to have the representatives from the store put together the massive bookshelf that we're placing against the accent wall in our back hallway due to its size and weight, and they managed to damage a highly visible component while they were constructing it. They offered to give us a discount on it, but given the nature of the damage, we demanded that they fix the piece, which they weren't able to return for until today. By the time I made it home from work, my highly-efficient librarian boyfriend had already alphabetized our book collection, sorted it according to fiction and non-fiction, and shelved everything. I think it looks great, and so much more tidy!

We still have several items left on our to-do list for the house, but having the new bookshelves in place really helps. Next on the agenda is having the electrician come next week to change out nearly all our light fixtures, and after that we'll be able to paint the bathrooms. Things are starting to really come together, and the end of this project is in sight! I'll be sure to keep you posted...

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