Bag Lady...

As I've explored in the past, shopping at Macy's makes me feel vaguely dirty. I don't like patronizing the store that bought out my beloved Marshall Field's, but their selection and their sales are hard to beat. However, if there is one thing that drives me crazy above all else when shopping there it is their perpetual shortage of paper shopping bags. Their plastic bags are shoddy and cheap, and likely to break before you even get your purchases out the door of the gargantuan store. Yet they rarely have any paper bags on hand to offer their customers. Well, ladies and gentlemen, on yesterday's shopping trip to Macy's with my mom, we discovered just where all those elusive paper bags have gone:

While the giant paper bag dress was undeniably cool, it was little consolation in light of the rapidly stretching handles of the plastic bag I was holding. Perhaps Macy's needs to focus more on providing tangible customer-service and less on providing eye candy to distract from that lack of service...

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