Girls Will Be Girls...

The back-to-school season is always a time when I reflect upon my friendship with Lisa, my high school best friend. We met on the first day of sixth grade, in the locker room after gym class, because our lockers were next to one another. In an uncharacteristic moment of extroversion, I randomly struck up a conversation with her, and even though she looked at me like I was from another planet at the time, the rest was history. In the fall of 2005, we passed the point by which we had been friends more of our lives than not. Now our friendship is going into it's fifteenth year.

So many things have changed since then, and we have seen each other through some difficult times. Lisa has gone from my naive, tom-boyish friend that I taught about makeup and etiquette, to a mature, accomplished, married woman with a successful career. I am truly proud of all the ways she has grown and continues to grow into the person is today, and now it is often me turning to her for advice.

But, in spite of all that has changed in our lives, there are some things that will always remain the same in our relationship. We still get together and gossip, shop, and talk about boys (well, more like men these days.) And today, we even sat and painted our nails together while we gabbed, just like we would have done back when we met in sixth grade.

Lisa and I. Note the light reflecting of my blindingly white hands...

So often I document only the "interesting" things that I do on my blog -- the things I do and see around the city, the special foods I prepare, and the major events that occur with family and friends. But who says that those are any more worthy of remembering than the quiet moments spent with close friends? Those are the times that will fade from memory over the years anyway, and likely, the sorts of things I'll want to remember when looking back. Such moments are the things that truly speak to who we are as friends, and how our friendship has stood the test of time. I can only imagine where we will be in another fifteen years, but hopefully we'll still be doing all the girly things together that we've always done...


  1. Awww, I'm lucky to have you as a friend. Thanks for putting up with me after 15 years! I loved sharing a locker with you our Senior year, it was a great storage place for our Ewan McGregger imagery ;)

  2. You were always good to each other and its all the small moments together that give you the bigger picture.
    Momma Zaid