The Friendly Confines...

To commemorate the end of summer this weekend, I took my friend Mireya and her brothers to one last Cubs game, our third together this year. The Cubs are totally out of the running this year, yet again, but it was a gorgeous day, and the game was a fun way to spend an afternoon absorbing some of the waning summer weather. The Cubs had gone into the game poised to sweep the Mets, but somehow, they managed a complete collapse instead. The Mets had three innings in which they scored five runs, and in the fifth inning alone, the Cubs threw 50 pitches trying to get the Mets out. It was a long game, but at least the weather was cooperative, and Mireya bought me a couple hot dogs to thank me for the tickets. All in all, it was a fairly idyllic end-of-summer afternoon spent with a good friend, the Cubs' loss aside.

Mireya was sad that I ended my winning streak -- previously, the Cubs had won every game I had attended. For my part, I was mostly relieved to not have to hear the "Go, Cubs, Go!" song for once.

After the freezing cold of the game against the Nationals in April and the rain during the Cross-Town Classic in June, I was happy to finally get an afternoon at the Wrigley with perfect weather.

The siblings Rodriguez.

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