Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News...

After last week's good news/bad news roundup, I'm happy to report nothing but joyous happenings this week:

After frantically searching for a job the past several months and finding nothing, I received a reprieve from the History Museum. They're not letting me go at the end of the week, as scheduled, but instead, they've signed me on for another year. I'm getting a new supervisor and a new project, which will explore the impact of the Cold War on Chicago history. For now, it seems that the focus will be on people who immigrated to Chicago to escape Eastern Bloc nations and areas afflicted by the Vietnam War, but it will be intriguing to see how the scope of the project changes over time. Given that I spent my undergraduate years focusing on Cold War history, both from foreign relations and pop culture perspectives, this project is right in my wheelhouse and I'm very excited.

In other employment news, Justin has been offered a new, and very interesting part-time job at an architectural and engineering firm, in their company library. He's been going through the interview process there for what seems like an eternity, and I'm ecstatic that things have worked out for him. Congratulations babe!

And finally, Dad finally made good on his 2010 Christmas present to me, which was to schedule a trip to Italy. We'll be flying to Milan on October 19th, and visiting Florence, Bologna, Ravenna, and Venice before returning home on the 30th. It will be intense trying to cram in so much sightseeing into such a short period of time, but I'm looking forward to seeing Renaissance masterpieces, Byzantine mosaics, historic churches, and beautiful cities. I haven't been to Italy since I was about 13, so I'm looking forward to experiencing it as an adult, and sharing it all with you. Make sure to tune in during October!

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