Luck Be A Lady...

Fate is a fickle beast. Sometimes luck is on our side, but from time to time, the universe deals us a bad hand. Today, I got a little bit of both.

In the realm of good news, I got an email from my favorite food blog, Serious Eats, that I had won their weekly "Cook the Book" contest, wherein they feature recipes from a newly released cook book and give away copies to five lucky readers. It turns out that I've got a copy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home in the mail, so you loyal followers can look forward to a spate of new ice cream recipes and techniques whenever it arrives. The timing is slightly less than ideal, given that we're headed into fall and winter and the book was sent via media (i.e. super slow) mail and won't arrive for 4-6 weeks, but hey, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

However, I also got a piece of bad news today. Remember that "mysterious illness" that's been plaguing Justin since we got back from St. Louis and that slowed him down during our visit to Starved Rock? Turns out, he has pneumonia. Though the infection is much more serious in the elderly, children, and the chronically ill, he's still going to need antibiotics and plenty of rest over the next few weeks to finally kick this thing. Let's all wish him a speedy recovery, mostly so that he will feel better and back to his old self, but also (selfishly), so I can go back to kissing him!

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