Meet Me In St. Louis - Part Four

Finally, since few things went according to the original plan this weekend (though on balance, our trip still went well), fate had one more wrench to toss into our schedule for our last day on vacation. Whereas we had wanted to get up early and squeeze in a quick trip to the Zoo while the weather was nice and my sense of smell was still out of commission, we ended up leaving town early to make a detour on our way home. As it turned out, Grandma Betsy was hospitalized earlier in the week with a wicked case of diverticulitis, so we wanted to stop in Carrollton to visit her. She seemed to be in good spirits, despite wanting to go home as soon as possible, and she actually looked healthier than I remember seeing her in a while. My aunt Lisa was also there, and we ran into my cousins Danielle and Trista in the hospital parking lot, so it was nice to unexpectedly see so much of the family. Unintentionally, we ended our summer where we began it -- in Greene County.

Even if our trip didn't live up to the rosy expectations I had built up for it (i.e. sickness, inclement weather, and unanticipated family obligations), I'm still glad I got an opportunity to get away and spend some quality time with the man I love. It would be nice if our next trip went a little more smoothly, but I'm satisfied with our St. Louis journey as a jumping off point for a lifetime of adventures together. I can't wait to see the world with Justin, experience new things together, and create beautiful memories. I'm already excitedly thinking about where we should go next. Stay tuned to find out!

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