Calm Before The Storm...

Summer, or at the very least, summer-like weather, has descended upon the fair city of Chicago. This, my loyal readers, can only mean one thing: it's about to get a whole lot busier around here. There will be art fairs, street festivals, and farmers' markets to write about once again, after a long winter of movie reviews and cookie recipes. I'm sure many of you are relieved. It'll soon be time to leave the cocoon of my apartment and venture forth into the world again.

However, at the moment, I've been having a bit of what Dad likes to term, "a slow news day." Although I have already planned something for every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of May, and several of the days in between, I spent the past weekend relaxing, tidying up my apartment, and relishing a last weekend of blissful indolence before the frenetic pace of summer sets in. It may not be terribly exciting, but I can see the bottom of my hamper and my kitchen sink for once, and considering how busy I'm about to get, it may be the last time I'll be able to say that for a while. So there you have it folks; not much to report for now, but check back in the weeks to come for the more lively posts I have on the agenda for May...

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