Seven Dresses - Day Three

Today's ensemble comes with a side of sacrifice: I woke up a whole extra hour early to shower in the morning instead of the evening before, as per usual, so I could shave and go bare-legged today. I willingly deprived myself of an entire hour of sleep just for this project, so I hope you appreciate my dedication.

I am kind of obsessed with this dress. I love the art-nouveau-inspired pattern, the autumnal color palette, the ease of its drape, and the fact that it fits like a dream. I used to have a pair of plum-colored tights that I wore with this outfit, but I've long since destroyed them after wearing this dress all fall and winter. Since the temperature spiked overnight, and it's warm enough to go bare today, I can wear it again, this time with a fun pair of new sandals that I picked up on a shopping trip Monday.

This dress has received a lot of hype since I purchased it in August of last year. I announced my joy over its acquisition on Facebook, quickly pronouncing it my favorite over all the other dresses in my wardrobe, and my friends clamored to catch a glimpse of my new love. However, I saved it for over a month, waiting for just the right occasion to debut it, until the opportunity finally presented itself in the form of a
photo-op with Mayor Daley at a charity fundraiser.

Since then, I've mostly worn this dress to the office, on days when I needed a special boost. There's something about wearing an outfit you love that can lift you out of the doldrums, and put an extra bounce in your step. Each time I wear this dress I get compliments on it -- which brings me to an interesting observation I have made since starting the "Seven Dresses" project: I have been receiving far more compliments on my appearance than usual, generally speaking. Do I genuinely look better in dresses than pants? Is it that I wear dresses so seldomly that people assume I must be making an extra effort in an attempt to fish for compliments? Does the extra lift I get from wearing clothes that I love give me an aura of extra confidence that people pick up on? It's hard to say at this point, but it will be interesting to see if the rate of compliments continues as the week continues, and people become more accustomed to seeing me in a dress.

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