Seven Dresses - Day Two

Today's dress comes courtesy of Chicago's notoriously unpredictable weather. Truly, this dress ought to be out of season by now, but with a daytime high of 56 degrees today, I thought I could sneak it in for one last wearing. This was probably my most-worn dress of the past fall/winter.

Since this dress is all one color, and a little on the boring side, I like to spice it up with purple tights. I find myself drawn to purple in my wardrobe, even though it isn't necessarily my favorite color, and I occasionally pair this dress and tights combination with my favorite pair of flats, which are also purple. Today, however, I decided to go with these boots, which I've had in my shoe collection since 2006. I bought them because they were so darned cute, but 99% of the time, they sit idly in my closet, where I admire them from time to time, but seldom take them out to wear. Since this week is all about dusting off beloved pieces from my closet and showing them off, I decided to give them their due as well.

I adore a good sweater dress; I find myself buying a new one almost every year, but out of my collection this one is a little extra special because it has pockets. Comfort aside, pockets are one of the greatest things that pants have going for them over dresses in my estimation. Working at a museum, and setting up video shoots for a living, it is far more inconvenient to do my job without a pocket to toss my keys or an extra tape in. As a result, this dress was worn on numerous interview days. It's also extremely comfortable -- the sweater construction makes it warm, but the short sleeves prevent overheating. In fact, it is so comfortable that I wore it on the one day of the year when pants are a hindrance: Thanksgiving. No need to undo a button after you've inevitably eaten too much food when you're wearing a dress...

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