Seven Dresses - Day Six

Okay, so today I'm technically cheating. This is not a dress, it is a skirt and sweater combination, but I have so many skirts languishing unworn in my closet that I felt it was still in keeping with the nature of this experiment. Besides, I had purchased this skirt with a certain event in mind, and that event occurred today, so I sort of had to wear it. Actually, it's somewhat fitting that today would be the day I would cheat on the Seven Dresses project, because there's something else I haven't been entirely honest about either -- I started seeing Zac again. In fact, we were really only broken up for about a week; I just wasn't ready to go public with it. I'm still not ready for a full-blown committed relationship again, but we're dating and enjoying each others' company, and for now, that is just what I need. It's also why I felt the need to bring redemption to the Day 4 dress...

I bought this outfit when we were dating the first time, after Zac invited me to attend his graduation, which was today. I wanted something dressy enough for such a special occasion, casual enough for the accompanying celebration afterward, and modest enough to be appropriate for meeting his family. I think this ensemble does all those things, and it has the benefit of being purple. The purple carries a special significance in regard to Zac, as I once bet him early on in our relationship that I could wear purple in some capacity every time I saw him, and not repeat myself for a very long time. This skirt keeps my streak going, and does it in style.

All things considered, I think skirts might be the worst piece of women's clothing. Sure, you get the added versatility of being able to wear them with any top you desire, unlike a dress, skirts otherwise combine all the worst elements of pants and dresses. As with dresses, you have to either wear tights or shave your legs, and worry about sitting in a ladylike manner the entire day. Like pants, skirts have a waistband, and therefore the potential for muffin-tops and general discomfort. Even though I don't particularly enjoy wearing skirts, just like dresses, I still seem to find them irresistible at the store. Perhaps I need some sort of shopping intervention...

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