Where My Girls At...

Like our founding father, George Washington, I cannot tell a lie: a large part of the reason I went home over the weekend was not because of Mother's Day (although I love my mother dearly, with her current painting project at the condo, I've been seeing her 2-3 days a week lately), but because Lisa was hosting a baking party at her relatively new suburban dwelling. Being the dutiful friend and borderline obsessive baker that I am, my attendance was a given. After all, what could be a better combination than sugary carbohydrates and the opportunity to catch up with old friends?

Lisa provided a lovely spread of fruits and cheeses to nosh on while we sipped mimosas and decorated the cupcakes she had prepared in advance.

Let me just say, I laid down the foundational frosting layers and left the bulk of the decorating to Lisa and Taryn. An artist is only as good as her tools, and like an idiot, I left my indispensable Martha Stewart piping tips and decorating tools at home. Not that these cupcakes weren't beautiful and special...

Lisa and I. The only excuse I have for this hair moment is that it was rainy and humid outside. I got a hair cut the very next day, and if it ever stops raining this week, I'll take a picture and share it with you.

Taryn and I.

Hanging out with Lisa and Taryn was very comforting, and I once again found myself marveling that we still have so much in common despite all the years that have passed since we first met in middle school. We have all changed over time, and our relationships with each other have waxed and waned, but we have remained in each others' lives. Even though we might not see each other often, I feel that in a way, as adults, we are better friends to each other now than we were when we were in school together and hanging out on a daily basis. Perhaps this is because maturity has given us the ability to understand and empathize with one another on a level which we were incapable of when we were younger. Whatever the case may be, I am proud to call these women my friends, and I look forward to seeing how our lives will continue to intersect in the years to come.

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