Happy Anniversary...

Twenty-eight years ago today, a chain of events was set into motion that led to me being here to write this very post. You see, on a sunny, cloudless May day, my parents were wed in the campus chapel at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois. Out of kindness to them, I will not be sharing any photos from that day (suffice it to say, it was the 1980s, and I'm sure that all of you who were alive at the time have your own fashion regrets that you'd rather forget about as well). If it hadn't been for that day, I wouldn't have come along three years later, so, let me just say this:

Thanks Mom and Dad, for not getting cold feet, and taking the plunge all those years ago. You might not have ever guessed you'd still be together after twenty-eight years, but I'm happy to have been born, happy to have you as my parents, and happy that we're still a family. Here's to another year together!

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  1. Cute picture! Happy Anniversary Tony & Susan!